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Comprehensive guidelines and resources for photography production in Los Angeles/New York in the age of Covid 19

We gathered information from the top photographers, publicists, hair, makeup, styling, photo producers and photo directors. This information is all their opinions on how we, the industries professionals see our photo shoots moving forward.

* A maximum number of people allowed on set, 6 people per shoot. If more people need to be there, they will be in another room with an iPad and headset.

* Everyone must observe social distancing.

* Shoots will take place in large sound stages or extra-large studio spaces with access to fresh air. Proper ventilation will determine if the location is suitable for a shoot. As much as possible outdoor locations will be used.

* For interior shoots, only the photographer and talent in the space. All of the crew will be outside of the location.

*Recommend a checklist for photographer’s equipment on who will be handling each piece of equipment. All equipment will be wiped down before and after set with with the disinfecting cleaning solution.

*There will be no catering unless there are individual box meals or pre-packaged meals.

* Staggered arrivals on set. Max capacity set at 6 with 6 feet distance at all times.

* There will be no touch ups on set. Glam teams will be in their designated rooms with an iPad and can instruct the photographer of a problem.

* Any individual with fever, cough or sneeze will be asked to leave immediately.

* Each shoot is unique so we need to apply our common sense to each situation.


Individual Responsibilities:

*Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.

*No more handshakes, hugs or kissing as a greeting.

*Clean your workspace around you.

*Be considerate of others and keep your distance.



*Face mask required.

*Gloves required.

*Remain 6-10 feet from talent.

*Wear headset to be in touch with client/publicist/art director or use a walkie talkie.


Photo Assistants:

*Show up 2 hours early, pre-light each setup, wipe down all equipment with the appropriate cleaning solution.

*After setup, wait outside of main set, but be on earpiece for emergencies.

*Wear face masks and gloves.


Digital Technicians:

*Face & gloves required.

*Remain 6-10 feet from talent/photographer.

*Wear headset to be in touch with photographer/client.



*Face mask and gloves required.

*Remain 6-10 feet from talent/photographer.

*Will be off set with an iPad or monitor observing the shoot.

*Wear headset to be in touch with photographer, who can relay info to the talent.



*Face mask and gloves required.

*Remain 6-10 feet from talent/photographer.

*Will be off set with an iPad/monitor observing the shoot.

*Wear headset to be in touch with photographer.



*Face shields or masks and gloves are required.



  • Have disinfecting wipes and a spray bottle of alcohol to start process.

  • Wash hands and place protective gear on such as mask or shield.

  • Empty bag and place product and tools on sanitized counter to prep. for sanitizing.

  • Use disinfecting wipes to clean all product and tools , including the cords.

  • What gets sanitized? EVERYTHING. These include the brushes , combs, hair clips, pins, scissors, razors, neck brushes, dryer, pens and iPad, etc.

  • Allow a few minutes for the disinfecting alcohol to air dry. DO NOT wipe dry.

  • Use zip lock bags to store sanitized products such as:

  • First aid products

  • Disinfecting wipes

  • Gloves

  • Masks

  • Tissues

  • Clean towels

  • Clean cape

  • Pack extra brushes, combs and scissors in the event one falls on the floor, you have a new sanitized tool to use.

  • Sanitize the interior and exterior of the bag with the wipes. Remember to wipe all pockets and any other pouches you may be using.

  • Place the products and tools that have been wiped and or sprayed with alcohol into the bag.

  • A second, smaller bag will be sanitized and brought to pack up used items.

  • Any last minute items going into the bag must be sprayed with alcohol.





  • Have disinfecting wipes and spray bottle of alcohol to start process

  • Wash hands and place protective gear on such as mask or shield.

  • Wipe down station or work area.

  • This area needs to be behind the talent, not in front of them

  • Place clean towel on counter to be used for product and tools.

  • Select only the necessary items you need at that moment from the bag.

  • Prepare the second bag to place all used items into.

  • Remove product and tools from the bag only as needed to reduce exposure.

Makeup Artists:

* Order a plastic shield that flips down in front of your face. Make sure the shield is anti-fogging. This puts a layer of protection between you and the client but you’re able to have a conversation and they can still see your lips move as you speak. Also, it won’t sound as muffled like when using a mask. 

*Order black rubber gloves that fit properly. If they feel loose it will make it difficult to manipulate your make up brushes. The blue gloves are too medical looking. Make sure you put the gloves on before you begin in front of the client. If you need to leave the client to use the bathroom or take a call, remove the gloves and dispose them. Apply a new set when you return to the client and for each individual that you’re working on.

*We all like working with our professional brushes however this is the time to be looking for disposable brush sets. They may not work as well but they will get the job done and your client will feel much more comfortable knowing that these brushes have not been used on anyone else before.

*My make up box is filled with all my personal favorites however I’m now searching for make up kits that I can use on each individual client. You can build the cost of the kit into the price and gift it to the client after the photo shoot. These kits could be something that just contains a small variety of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick.

*This might be a good time to take out your airbrush machine. Since the foundation is dispensed drop by drop into the airbrush machine the client will not feel it has come in contact with another person.

*If the client feels you were making a 100% effort to protect them they will use you again on future photo shoots or recommend you for upcoming events.


Wardrobe Stylists:

*Talent is encouraged to wear their own clothing when possible. Stylists can do a Skype call with the talent and choose the appropriate items from the talents closet.

*Or if they are not able to wear their own clothing, the stylist will pull each look for the talent and only those items will be allowed on set. 


*Wardrobe will be sent 48 hours prior to fitting and be disinfected if coming from a showroom. 


*All steaming, alternations will be done prior to talents arrival. There will be no on set touch-ups or alterations.


Bathroom/Holding Area:

*Ideally talent will have their own bathroom and holding area where individuals may enter on a one on one basis as long as they are observing social distancing.

*New roll of toilet paper.

*New antibacterial soap.

*New paper towels.



*On set shooting with a long lens at least 20 feet away from the talent/photographer.

*Face shields or masks and gloves are required.

*Wear headset to be in touch with the photographer/director.


Surgical Masks/Supplies:

*Whomever is producing the shoot (client, photographer/producer) will be responsible for bringing masks and plastic gloves for each crew member, as well as any cleaning supplies for equipment & common areas.   Common areas need to be wiped down hour.

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